Stock Management is a difficult and vital task for any company. Without good stock keeping you will miss sales, Purchasing won't buy the right stuff and Production will falter. Fully integrated into all other functions the CGram stock system gives a simple efficient stock system with full batch tracking, serial number control. Sophisticated stock reservation and booking systems with 'use oldest first', advance allocation for expected stock, gives you a range of functions, from essential and basic stock management to kitting and stock supply forecasting.

The Stock you need, when you need it

The Goods Receiving system is integrated with Purchasing so you don't receive too much, and know when you have been sent too little. It also integrates with Supplier Invoice validation so that you only pay for the goods you received, and that passed QC.

Goods receiving is also fully integrated with Sub-Contracting.

  • Stock Recording
  • Multiple locations, preferred location for part
  • Goods Receiving with several part receipts
  • Goods Receiving integrated with scheduled orders
  • Simple Goods Receiving or full two stage Aero/Pharmaceutical type Goods Receiving with Quarantine Store and Inspection
  • Shelf life, product expiry, inspect and refresh
  • Put stock on hold in location
  • Inspect in main store
  • Full stock count, rolling stock count, stock count one item
  • Single click order book out
  • Part shipment order book out
  • Stock provisioning to line-side stores
  • Full serial number control in Goods Receiving, Stock Recording, Production and Despatch.
  • Batch tracking from Goods entry, through Production to final shipment

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