Production & Manufacturing Control
The Production Control module is designed to manage, track and log all production and operational activities.

Production orders can be added manually or automatically created from MRP, Sales Orders or Shortage/Re-order levels.

There is complete batch traceablity with barcode scanning and full serial number recording.

Match Planning with Production

As you'd expect all of this integrates fully with all other CGram Solutions. Production Control handles the creation, operation and review of comprehensive MRP plans and Finite Capacity plans.

Capacity plan "what ifs" can be used to get answers to awkward questions:
  • A machine has gone down and will be out for 3 days, which customers are going to be affected ?
  • My subcontractor has just told me he is going to let me down. What happens if I make it in house ?
  • Customer is offering me an order, but what date can I promise for delivery ?
The integrated Costing Solution also provides a very effective tool-kit that you can use to truly illuminate all the production costs behind your business.

  • Production Orders
  • Current / Standard Costings
  • Despatch from Production Floor
  • MRP (& Long Term Planning)
  • Bills of Materials
  • Operations
  • Set up time
  • Job & Time Recording
  • Sub-Contract Control
  • Supports Phantom Assemblies
  • Actual Costing by batch / Job
  • FIFO Costing
  • Attach pictures & documents
  • Spreadsheet attachments
  • Available to Promise dates
  • Production Order Planning
  • Cost Estimates
  • Finite + Infinite Capacity Planning
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Production control
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