Servicing and Assets
Servicing & Assets in Enterprise helps you track and manage equipment, machines and buildings. Where Servicing work is carried out for customers it will handle repair service billing, contracts and invoicing, and overall cost management.

Get a complete picture of the true costs behind all of your business assets throughout their life-cycle - detailing usage, development, support and performance.

Keep up to date records of assets and fixtures, including records of assets and their maintenance schedules, the site, specific location and ownership of each asset and fault codes, including those specific to any single asset or group of assets.

Track Assets accurately
Know their history

  • Service Contracts
  • Planned Jobs
  • Service Records linked to invoicing
  • Plan and track machine downtime
  • Breakdown reporting and response
  • Parts requisition approval process
  • Asset performance history
  • Asset recovery
  • Warranty management
  • Stock sub-system designed for the Servcing environment
  • Usage records