The Sales Menu provides you with a comprehensive facility that allows you to track, view and effectively manage all your customer quotations and orders.

As elsewhere in Enterprise, information entered or changed in any of the sales screens is instantly reflected throughout the entire system.  Produce professional quotations with images and drawings included, accept orders, view each of your customers buying histories, manage credit limits, generate accurate invoice documentation from actual despatches.

You can even create customer specific price lists and discount structures.  Sales data is linked seamlessly to stock so you can be sure you're able to supply what you've actually sold.

Put Sales right at the center of what you do

  • Generate fast and accurate Quotations
  • Include pictures and drawings in your quotations
  • Generate Sales Invoices automatically on Despatch
  • Multiple Price Lists
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Directly linked to Stock and Purchasing
  • Feeds into the Sales Ledger
  • View Buying Histories
  • Links to Distribution and Despatching
  • Full credit control
  • Repeat invoicing for contract work
  • For each customer: Invoice per despatch, or invoice monthly/weekly
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Sales through to Cash

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