Enterprise and Reporting
Welcome to Enterprise Reporting. Reporting is a big area for most companies, and Enterprise has been designed with exactly this in mind. How you get meaningful and up to date information out of your company system is key if you want to keep on top of your business operations and make good management decisions.

Enterprise is supplied with over 600 native reports which will provide you with much of what you'll need. The report formats are all editable and it's easy to tailor any report to your own needs using our own GUI report formatter. View data on-screen, send to file or simply print (via pdf).

Fast Search & Print! The system also allows you to print directly from your normal searches. You can search your data by any number and combination of fields or criteria - and this is perhaps the most popular option for non specialist everyday users (i.e. those not involved in producing financial or statutory reports or documents).

  • Over 600 native reports
  • Print real time reports as pdf's
  • Export your reports data  directly to MS Excel or Open Office
  • Easily create new reports
  • Run reports that apply to the whole business!
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