Product Costing
The Product Costing system gives you a detailed picture of your costs and their structure. Whether you need analysis for your Auditors, or to set Product Pricing, or for re-charging within group, or to measure cost performance against contract price - CGram will give you the answers.

'What if' scenarios for changes in material costs, exchange rates, energy costs can be trialled so that you can give yourself warning of potential problems.

Integrated with Project Costing it forms part of the vital task of knowing how much profit you actually make, per customer.

Detailed analysis to control costs

  • Actual Costs
  • FIFO Costs
  • Standard Costs
  • Current Costs
  • Exchange rate variations
  • This level Costs
  • Lower level Costs
  • Materials and Labour
  • SG&A/Overheads
  • Energy and Tooling
  • Subcontract costs
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Product Costs
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