The CRM Menu provides you with a comprehensive multi-channel contact management solution that helps you to track, view and manage all your dealings with customers and suppliers - both existing and potential.

CRM is built into the system so you can track and manage customer service with ease and accuracy. Add to this the diary, calendar with appointment management, and you get all the basics you need to help you manage your time and opportunities more effectively.

Knowledge gives you power
with customers

  • Record your conversation details
  • Detailed notes for each contact
  • See all Invoices, Despatch Notes etc., in time sequence
  • Diary and Calendar
  • Activity, meeting and call planner
  • Supports quotations, invoicing, despatching etc.
  • Manage all buyer and supplier contacts
  • Fast lookup and search
  • All e-mails to or from contacts are stored automatically. (Works with all popular e-mail clients)
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