Fixed Assets
The Fixed Assets system provides a Register and Valuation of all Fixed Assets and is fully interfaced with the General Ledger. The Fixed Asset system keeps a complete financial record of each Asset, and where appropriate works in tandem with Plant Maintenance and Servicing, which handles the operational life of the Asset.

Depreciation of Assets is by Straight Line or Reducing Balance, and different Assets, or classes of Assets, can use different depreciation rates and methods. The system keeps a complete record of the Depreciation/Appreciation history of the asset.

The Purchase, rental or loan history of the Asset is recorded as well as its Sale or Disposal cost.

The system records the Insurance history with document fields that can hold copies of policy documents and other correspondence.

Full Financial Record and History

  • Fixed asset register
  • Interface to plant maintenance
  • Valuation of assets
  • Straight Line depreciation
  • Reducing Balance depreciation
  • Depreciation methods by Asset Class
  • Depreciation history of Assets
  • Disposal cost
  • Purchase/sale/rental/loan history of asset
  • Automatic interface to General Ledger
  • Insurance history with document fields