eCommerce in it's simplest form means that external documentation can be automatically sent out by e-mail at the click of a button. Purchase orders can be sent to suppliers, Sales Invoices and Statements can be sent to customers meaning that your documents arrive promptly, your printing costs are reduced and you save time and money on postage.

Each customer or supplier can be set up with a plan of how they receive each kind of document. If that is email, then it gets sent out automatically when the documents are printed

There is also eCommerce for B2B communication, where a customer will send you a Sales Order that is loaded automatically onto your system, and you will send back confirmation of delivery, copies of Despatch Notes and Invoices etc. And similarly for purchasing.

Many companies find themselves being told by a large customer, or sometimes supplier, that they must use B2B communication in future. Unfortunately, there are 25 different standards in use (and counting). Your partner will use one of them and you will have to live with it or stop trading with them.

CGram have developed a sophisticated B2B toolkit to implement different B2B systems so that whatever you find yourself confronted with, you can cope.

We currently support the following B2B systems:
  • eParts