Document Integration and Attachments
Document integration is a powerful underlying theme of CGram systems.

You can drag and drop documents, images, drawings, spreadsheets, etc. into your data as attachments. When another user views the data they simply click on the attachment and it pops up on their screen*.

This helps to keep your documents systematically in the right place where people can easily find them, where they are immediately available and properly in context.

Scanned drawings, documents, invoices etc can also be attached to the relevant data and kept in place.

These images can then be printed on Sales Invoices, Despatch Notes, Production Documentation, where ever you need them. They can be kept as part of a Personnel record, or used to hold an image of a failure on material being returned to supplier, or ....

Integrate your Data and Documents

How does this compare for ease and accuracy with what you do now ?

  • Word documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Engineering drawings
  • Voice recordings
  • Movies
  • Emails
  • Contract notes
  • Presentations

* Provided their desktop has a viewer for that kind of document.