What our customers say ...
We regularly seek feedback and opinions from our growing customer base (it's doubled in the last 12 months!) as this is really the only way we know we're building and delivering the right types of solutions. Here are some of their recent comments ... we are always happy to provide reference names & contacts if required. As they say, don't take our word for it !
On Ease of Use ...
  • "Very easy to use ... with easy to remember icons. We have experienced a massive change to keep up with and overtake our competitors, which meant bringing a great deal of new staff to our company. New staff always comment on how easy it is to use the CGram system".
  • "With its intuitive windows-based GUI, and user-friendly design, CGram is very easy to use. The interface is consistent throughout so you can expect an activity to be done the same way, wherever you are in the system"
  • "Our staff have picked up the basics very quickly and easily, and the more we use the product the more we discover the flexibility that exists within this package"
On Flexibility ...
  • "Very impressed with the flexibility of the system. As it runs on a Linux server we can use a Windows or a Linux desktop. Also we are able to link it to external applications already in use".
  • "The CGram system is truly fully integrated across all areas which significantly reduces effort. The system we had before was supposed to be "fully integrated" but CGram gave a whole new meaning to the idea. We have found the flexibility of the product quite astonishing. It has enabled us to keep our system up to date with our current business practices within a very modest budget."
  • "The menus are simple and intuitive but the greatest benefit is the flexibility. Whether it's continuing to do things the way we know, or to handle new tasks in more efficient ways"
On Customer Care ...
  • "Outstanding. We have very recently moved from Sage to CGram. This meant that in a very short time I had to be up and running on the software. CGram's support was exceptional; they "held my hand" as I did the first few months work"
  • "I have always found CGram customer care to be excellent. The people at CGram have a good attitude to resolving problems and difficulties and an ability to resolve these quickly"
  • "Excellent. Always able to talk to someone and problems sorted out as soon as possible"
On Value for Money ...
  • "Compared to other software packages we have assessed this product represents excellent value for money"
  • "Compared to many alternate software packages CGram not only offers outstanding value for money, but also a more comprehensive product"
  • "We had quotes from various other software companies which were unable to offer the flexibility of CGram or the personnel service. Two years in, we are finding the total cost of ownership stunningly low. Our spend on the system is small and we no longer have the IT staff we needed to run our old system, a huge saving.
On Reliability ...
  • "The system performs at almost 100% availability"
  • "Very reliable and whenever there is a problem it is always resolved quickly and efficiently"
  • "I hate to tempt fate…but we have not yet experienced any reliability problem"